July 25, 2017

Listening To The Radio While Driving

Listening to the radio while driving can be bad for your concentration – so much so it could lead to an accident. Let’s face it, when you hear your favourite song come on the radio you’re likely to ramp up the volume, which can potentially cause even further distraction.

While listening to music in your car is perfectly acceptable, it is important to bear in mind the potential risks of getting too carried away, not only with your favourite tunes but traffic news reports, sports and/or radio interviews. Also, when attempting to tune in to a particular station you will take your hand off the wheel and very likely take your eyes off the road, and even for a split second doing so can be dangerous while driving.

It’s best to make sure your radio is properly tuned before pulling away, and don’t have the volume too loud. Also ensure you’re not too close to the vehicle in front, in case they break suddenly and you’re not looking or have limited concentration to be able to stop in time. It is possible to enjoy your radio and be safe when driving!