November 28, 2017

Impatient Drivers Go Wrong Way Through Tunnel

A number of drivers have been branded “irresponsible” for turning around after queieing inside a tunnel, causing what could only be described as chaos. The impatient motorists decided to simply ignore the fact that they were on a one-way system instead of waiting for the congestion to pass.

One motorist filmed the scene in the Butetown tunnels in Cardiff when they were faced with a “10 minute delay.” He said they simply exacerbated the situation after turning around and attempting to drive out of the tunnels on the wrong side of the road.

A minor collision on the A4232 flyover to Cardiff Bay had caused traffic to build at 6.15pm on Saturday afternoon, with cars queuing all the way down the dual carriageway.

However instead of waiting, footage shows a female driver of a black Mercedes telling other motorists to exit the wrong way out of the busy tunnel. Seconds later a silver 4×4 is seen with other cars using the tunnel’s second lane to turn around.

The witness reported: “The driver was telling other cars to get out the way and drive down the middle lane like you see emergency services do. People just started turning their cars around like it was a normal thing to do. They hadn’t been there for more than minutes. I couldn’t believe it.”

The traffic cleared in 15 minutes after the accident was cleared 300 yards away from the tunnel.

While there is nothing more frustrating than getting stuck in a traffic jam, please try and be patient as you may find the hold-up is not as drastic as it initially seems.

Safe driving from Britannia!