November 29, 2017

Driving Behind Buses in the Rush Hour

We’ve all been stuck behind a bus at some point in our lives, and granted, it’s not much fun considering the number of stops it has to make between you and your destination. That said, your arrival on time is equally as important as that of the bus passengers, so try and be patient while behind the wheel. Furthermore, consider yourself fortunate enough to be able to drive to work in your own vehicle, as most commuters wish they could do.

Should the opportunity to overtake arise – if it is safe and legal to do so – then go for it! But if not, exercise that patience and wait for the right moment. Too many drivers get impatient and aggressive when the slightest delay is caused to their journey – even if they’re not required to arrive at their destination at any specific time.

Remember, the bus driver has a schedule to run to, and is in no more of a hurry than you. We can’t stress it enough – be patient, stay cool!

Safe driving from Britannia!