November 27, 2017

Take Extra Care When Encountering Bin Lorries

Waste crews in South Staffordshire are appealing to motorists to drive safely when overtaking bin lorries, following a series of incidents caused by dangerous driving. Since October 2013 when all bin lorries in South Staffordshire were fitted with 360o cameras, they have recorded a monthly average of 8 incidents of poor, dangerous and aggressive driving.

Recorded footage shows impatient drivers mounting the pavement in order to get around bin lorries, instead than waiting. In one shocking incident, a car was recorded driving at speed around the bin lorry, almost hitting a member of the crew.  As a result the driver was cautioned by the police and fined.

One waste collection worker who has worked for Biffa for 12 years has reportedly witnessed or experienced to many close shaves, one of which was when he was nearly hit by a car while on a collection round in Codsall.

He said: “Every day, we are reminded by our supervisors that safety is of paramount importance. I was just out there doing my job – when a driver became impatient, decided to get round our wagon by driving dangerously, and nearly took me out. I don’t want to feel like a target just because I wear high visibility clothing and work out on the roads and streets providing a service for residents. It does worry me that people seem to have less patience, and seem more willing to risk my life and the lives of my workmates. Most of the danger we experience during our working days is caused by impatient and aggressive drivers.”

Safe driving from Britannia!