June 9, 2009

Summer Motoring Tips

This summer is set to be a hot one but with a bit of well thought out planning it should not affect your journeys at all! Below we have provided 5 summer motoring tips to help you stay safe:
1. Plan Regular Breaks: When driving long distances it is important to take a break at minimum every 2.5 hours, this will give you time to refresh and improve concentration
2. Plan Your Route: Ensure you know the route you are taking and where to avoid major traffic jams, remember the time you are travelling – try setting off earlier to beat the rush hour.
3. Check Your Car: Make sure your brake fluid, windscreen wash, coolant and engine oil are all topped up.
4. Check The Battery: Batteries are the number one cause for breakdowns so make sure the connections are free from any rust / corrosion, fit tightly and have a clean connection.
5. Carry Supplies: Make sure you have sufficient water, food, sun tan lotion, first aid kit and a charged mobile phone should the need arise.

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