October 29, 2013

Halloweens Deadly Driving

Although Halloween is mostly viewed as a fun time to dress up and take the children out trick-or-treating, it also happens to be one of the most infamous nights of the year for road accidents involving pedestrians.

The AAA warns that between the hours of 4pm and midnight are the times most dangerous for pedestrians, due to the large number of motorists on the roads either taking their children trick-or-treating or otherwise attending the increasingly common themed Halloween parties.

The weather at this time of year also unfortunately lends itself towards car accidents, due to the wet roads, glare from the Autumnal sun and leaves on the roads becoming factors in the rising number of accidents towards the final months of the year.

As many people take advantage of the Halloween theme to dress up in scary costumes, this also can have negative implications sue to its ability to restrict visibility and mobility for pedestrians, as well as the common colour of black being worn making the pedestrians much harder to see by motorists, especially as the nights get darker earlier on.

Many people will also be attending Halloween celebrations, with a majority of party-goers consuming alcohol – a deadly combination when teamed with driving. Stay sober behind the wheel, not just this Friday!

Halloween is supposed to be the scariest night of the year – but for the right reasons.

Safe driving this Halloween from Britannia!

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