September 4, 2012

Evening Driving

The longest day has been and gone. As you can tell, the nights are drawing in. What does that mean for drivers though? Well soon enough, you will be driving home from work in the dark, which is very different to driving home when it is light and sunny.

When it gets darker, colder and wetter, it can be a little miserable to drive home, but with a few adjustments the process can be smoother. Firstly, make sure that all of your lights are working correctly. Remember the different lights: side lights, dipped head lights, full beam, fog lights, and brake lights. Also remember to keep your water topped up. You will want to keep warm in your car; a warm car is often a haven from the bitter winds. So ensure that you check this often.

It’s also worth keeping a few supplies in the car should you break down. A blanket will come in handy should you have to wait for help. Keep your mobile phone charged, they’re amazing when they are working, useless when they’re not. When it gets really cold keep an ice scraper in your car too, these are pretty cheap and so helpful.

Most of all, enjoy your driving!

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