September 30, 2014

What Clothes To Drive In?

For many people, learning to drive can be an uncomfortable experience – however to ensure that your driving lessons go as well as possible, you need to ensure that you are wearing the right clothes.

While this may seem like a small inconsequential issue, what we wear when we drive can make a huge difference. For example, wearing clothes that you feel comfortable in will instantly put you at ease and make it much easier to focus on your driving. Alternatively, wearing ill-fitting clothes that you are not as comfortable in, or excessive jewellery, may distract you from the road and lead to driving mistakes.

Always make sure you wear correct footwear especially, as your feet will be doing a lot of the work when you are behind the wheel (sorry ladies, no high-heels!) Flat shoes are a must, so some comfortable trainers are a good idea. Also try not to have too much jewellery or baggy clothing around your wrists too, as when you are changing gears, indicating or steering, these could prove a distraction. Also remember that you will have a seatbelt tight around your torso, so wear something comfortable up top too.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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