March 14, 2014

Driving in Fog

Much of Britain has lately been immersed in deep fog, and any motorist knows how difficult it can be to navigate the roads with this most dangerous of driving conditions.

Here are Britannia’s top tips for driving in fog:

– Keep your lights on at all times. Not only will this help to illuminate the roads ahead of your vehicle, therefore making it easier to see ahead, it will also make your own car much more visible to other motorists, reducing the likelihood of an accident. Use your dipped headlights along with wipers and de-misters.

– Keep your speed down. Driving at normal speeds should be discouraged in dense fog, as it becomes more likely that hazards will appear with less warning.

– Keep your distance with other cars. Do not tail others rear lights, as they are likely to stop abruptly, and this practice does not allow for much stopping distance.

– Use all of your senses – in conditions such as fog where visibility is limited, engage your other senses, particularly your hearing. If you are pulling out of a junction where you cannot see other approaching vehicles, wind down your window and listen carefully for traffic. When you feel it is safe to emerge, do so carefully but confidently – do not leave yourself in the path of unforeseen oncoming vehicles.

Safe driving this foggy spring from Britannia!

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