July 12, 2008

Rubbish Petrol! (Petrol made from rubbish..!)

It might sound ridiculous but British inventors have just launched an idea to create petrol from household rubbish! The chemical company – Ineos stated that it had now patented a method of producing vehicle fuel from waste, such as city waste, agricultural and organic waste.

They have named the fuel – ethanol and apparently one tonne of dry waste can produce 400 litres of the energy. It might sound like a tough idea but in fact it is quite simple – the new process works by heating the waste to produce gases, then feeding the gases to bacteria, which produce ethanol that can be purified into a fuel.
The launch date for this product is set for 2010. This comes as a relief as motorists have watched petrol prices soar on an average of 133.3p per litre of diesel.

Biofuels are backed fully by the governments as one of the key conducts to decrease carbon dioxide emissions.

The invention process for this new biofuel had started 20 years ago and now is finally ready to be brought into the public market. When the fuel is made in an industrial scale, Ineos will launch the product in the United States, Canada and Europe first.
Inenos expect at least 10 per cent of North America and Europe’s petrol use to be replaced with bioethanol.

This is certainly an idea that is revolutionary that will cut fuel costs and gas emissions. It looks clear that many of us will use rubbish to fuel our vehicles in the years to come!

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