September 13, 2012

Driving In The Rain

When the heavens decide to open up and the water comes flooding down, you will notice the roads become a little more busier as things tend to get a little delayed. If you are about to get in your car as it’s raining, take a few minutes to prepare for your journey. Ensure that your vents are on, this will help prevent the windows from steaming up. It also helps if you open the windows a touch to let some air circulate the around car.

Your stopping distance will always increase when it is raining so be prepared for that. Ensure that you leave the appropriate space between the car in front of you. When it rains, sometimes it gets darker outside, so use your lights if you need to.

Do take extra caution if you are driving on the motorway and reaching speeds of 70mph. Make sure that you keep a good distance from the car in front. When you overtake lorries you will get extra water coming onto your car so be prepared. Remember that when you are driving at such high speeds and it’s raining, the chances of having an accident increase if you are driving erratically.

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