February 18, 2014

Driving in Severe Winds

With the current threat of gale-force winds attacking our roads this season, safe driving has never been more important.

Here are our top tips for driving in severe winds:

Find an alternative route if possible. Find a route sheltered by buildings which can block dangerous wind, and way from trees which are a hazard of falling over. Although the urban roads may be busy with traffic, they will be much safer.

Be aware of other road users. Strong gusts of wind can cause unpredictable road behaviour, so be on your strongest guard.

Drive slowly. This will reduce the risk of losing control of your vehicle should a sudden gust of wind hit your car.

Allow yourself plenty of room. Do not get too close to buildings, pedestrians or other road users, as your close proximity is likely to exacerbate the strong wind and lead to a dangerous situation.

By following these simple instructions, you should be able to drive safely through the treacherous conditions and head straight on into summer driving.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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