February 17, 2014

Motorway Closed Due To Sinkhole

A 10-mile section of the M2 in North Kent was closed for 2 days due to a 15ft-deep hole was discovered in the central reservation. This stretch of the motorway was closed in order for the Highways Agency to find out what caused the hole to open and also for safety reasons.

This only occurred on the central reservation; had this hole opened up on a carriageway, the consequences would have been much worse. The fact that it occurred on a busy motorway is a significant concern and by staying shut this has caused traffic problems.

Sinkholes have been a common problem recently. A giant sinkhole that opened up in a residential street in Hemel Hempstead caused more than a dozen houses to be evacuated whilst another sinkhole in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, swallowed a car earlier this month.

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