July 5, 2013

Stay Cool This Summer

We all know the feeling in summer; you can’t wait to get out on the road in your car and drive with all the windows down in the sun, catching some rays…

But you won’t be the only one heating up this summer; your car is more likely to overheat now than ever. Here are some top tips to avoid this catastrophe:

– Turn off the air con, turn on the heater: I know it sounds ludicrous, but the AC will use up lots of energy from the engine and is a likely candidate to push the vehicle over the edge. Using the heater (somewhat paradoxically) helps draw heat away from the engine as it drives hot air into the cabin. The engine will cool down, but the cabin of the car will heat up… but hey, that’s what windows are for.

– Be aware of the main causes of overheating – leaks, faulty wiring, burst hoses, pumps or damaged thermostats are the most common causes. Scheduling your vehicle in for regular maintenance will help eradicate these issues.

– Ensure you have plenty of coolant in the car – I know this sounds obvious, but the most prominent cause of overheating is lack of coolant. And we are not talking about only in the engine – It is always a good idea to keep a spare bottle in the boot, just in case of emergencies.

– If all else fails… pull over. Whilst this may prolong your journey time, a short break of half an hour or so should help to drastically cool your engine, usually sufficiently enough to allow you to complete your journey. One relatively long break will certainly save you more time than several repeated stops, so cut your losses, and pull over before your car is too hot to carry on.

Follow these guidelines, and hopefully you will be able to keep both your car, and yourself cool this summer.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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