November 7, 2014

Driving Alone

Most new drivers, feeling uneasy at first behind the wheel, take solace in going for their first few drives with family or friends in the car with them, safe in the knowledge that if anything bad was to happen they would not be completely alone in the situation.

But what happens when you are finally forced to take to the roads in solitude?

The best advice we could give you would be to drive as if it were a test situation. Approach all junctions with caution, and take extra special care in your driving, especially at first. Make mental notes along the way to keep yourself alert, for example when you are preparing for a turn, remind yourself to indicate firstly, much in the same way as you would when on your lessons.

Revert back to your lessons for more guidance – “Mirror/Signal/Manoeuvre” should come immediately to mind. Keep your speed down for the most part – remember it is always better to be cautious than dangerous.

Hopefully in time you will become more and more confident in driving on your own – one day, you may even prefer it!

Safe driving from Britannia!

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