November 10, 2014

Cyclist Hit By Elderly Driver

The possibility of introducing a driving test retake for elderly drivers has been heavily debated with strong arguments for both sides. However, a recent incident involving an elderly driver has prompted stronger calls for elderly driving tests.

Elaine Dunne, 30, on a cycling holiday with her husband to celebrate their first anniversary, was hit and killed by 93-year-old Alice Ross’s car in the Scottish Highlands. Dunne’s husband was also seriously injured when the couple, who had stopped outside a croft house to put on wet weather gear, were struck by Ross’ Nissan Micra when it left the road.

Ross had suffered a blackout a month before the incident and has told police she has had no memory of the accident.

In light of this, calls have been made for more regular checks on elderly motorists’ fitness to be behind the wheel to help avert similar incidents in the future. It was recommended that drivers in their 80s should renew their licences and face tests every two years and those in their 90s should renew each year. A recommendation has been made for the introduction of tests, similar to the theory test, designed to easily and quickly check visual and mental acuity such as those in use in Ontario.

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