September 12, 2011


When driving a vehicle, drivers have many different signalling devices to communicate with other road users.

Indicators are amber in colour. They are located at the side of the car, two at the front and two at the back. They show your intended change of direction. You should ensure you indicate in plenty of time and cancel the signal once you have completed the manoeuvre.

Hazard lights cause all indicators on the car to flash, a driver would use their hazards to warn drivers of a hazard, whether it be your own vehicle or an obstacle in the road.

Brake lights inform other road users that you are slowing down, although brake lights are brighter than standard rear lights, you still need to pay close attention to cars slowing down.

Flashing your headlights should only be done to warn other road users of your presence. They are not there to intimidate other road users or to communicate with other drivers.

Your reverse light will be a single light or two lights at the back of the vehicle which indicates to other drivers that you are set to reverse.

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