September 12, 2014

Driven to Distraction?

Many drivers, particularly those of a younger generation, are facing a new threat whilst behind the wheel – that of the distraction of technology.

Whilst elder drivers may have only had to deal with a limited number of friends and family in the passenger seats, it seems that drivers in more recent years have a whole new social circle to contend with when driving, via their mobile phones and social networking.

It is often reported how dangerous it can be to use your phone when driving, as this is likely to distract your attention and put yourself and others in danger, however this is mostly related to being on a phone-call or texting when behind the wheel. The more recent reality is that people with Smart phones are actually much more likely to spend longer on sites such as Facebook and Twitter than they do calling or texting any more – meaning that social networking whilst driving has become a much more dangerous threat.

When you are behind the wheel, you are responsible for the lives of not only yourself and your passengers, but other road users and even pedestrians around you. Using your mobile phone, be it for calling, texting, or social networking, will distract you and therefore make you dangerous to be on the road.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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