September 16, 2014

Cost of Driving a Put-Off to Younger Drivers

The cost of starting to drive has been identified as a potential cause for putting new and younger drivers off getting behind the wheel, a new study suggests.

The rising costs of driving lessons, car insurance, tax, MOT, and of course the purchase of a car all combine to a hefty sum, one which experts suggest are likely to result in a reduced incentive for younger drivers to take to the roads.

Ways to prevent this are available, however – if you opt for a smaller car to begin with, this is likely to cost less to purchase and to insure. Also, make sure you shop around for your insurance – the premium one provider offers you may be available at a significantly cheaper rate elsewhere, so spend some time looking before jumping at the first quote you see.

Additional driving courses such as the Pass Plus are also good ways to help reduce the cost of Insurance, as is adding an older, more qualified and “safer” driver to your policy – as long as the person who drives the car most is listed as the “named” driver, to prevent the possibility of being penalised for Insurance fraud – which could end up far more costly than an expensive premium.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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