May 5, 2014

Cutting Down The Number Of Road Signs

New plans to allow local councils in Britain to count down the number of road markings and signs were announced by Roads Minister Rob Goodwill on 1st May.

The changes are included in a new consultation which also outlines proposals for cleaner road markings and new low-level signals for cyclists which will help improve safety on the roads.

The consultation invites views on the revised Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD) 2015 which has been put together following intensive consultation with DVSA stakeholders over the last few years. The proposals will incorporate the regulatory and presentations improvements for signage recommend in the policy paper ‘Signing the way’ which was a culmination of the traffic signs policy review that began in September 2008. The revisions are to provide greater flexibility and cut costs for local authorities and make a significant contribution to red tape.

The changes will mean road users will have signs that are easier to understand and could cut clutter on the roads. The proposals will also look to relax regulations for parking bays and yellow-box junctions to give local councils greater flexibility in designing road layouts and markings.

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