October 27, 2015

Drive for Traffic – Not Road Signs

Being a driver in the modern world presents a variety of challenges – From firstly mastering the ability to drive as a learner, all the way to developing a comprehensive understanding of road signs – Indeed, the independent driving section of the driving test requires you to be able to follow road signs adequately enough to drive without instructions for a portion of the exam.

However some road users say that too much reliance on road signs can be dangerous – With many drivers, particularly those with less experience, opting to blindly follow the instructions of any road sign despite any evidence around them to do the opposite – Choosing to disregard the information the traffic gives them in place of following a static rule on a sign – For example stopping to give way to oncoming vehicles, although there is clearly no vehicle approaching in the foreseeable future.

The best way to drive is to follow both – Always take road signs into account, but don’t let them tell you exactly how to drive.

Safe driving from Britannia!