October 26, 2015

Van Bully Fired

A white van man who was caught on camera driving aggressively behind a learner driver during her test has been sacked.

In the footage, the van driver was seen to race up behind on the learner during her test. He then repeatedly pulled up close to her rear bumper, threw up his hands, accelerated sharply, honked his horn and revved his engine.

But the driver stated he had been dismissed from his job and deeply regretted the incident, tearfully admitting that he wanted to meet the woman to apologise for his behaviour.

The 56-year-old said he had been under pressure to make a delivery and that he ‘just lost it’. He said that he made a mistake that day and had been trying to make up time. He admitted that he didn’t mean it and that it was his fault.

The driver also revealed that he planned to carry out an Advanced Driving Course to prove that he was willing to learn from his mistakes.

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