July 11, 2015

The Danger of Road Signs

Since the early days of practising for your Theory Test, you will have become well acquainted with the various road signs on display all over, to the extent where a sizeable portion of your time behind the wheel of a car is spent analysing the strange symbols and words, and trying desperately to remember which shape is a warning and which is colour is for a Tourist attraction!

However, some experts advise that the abundance of road signs around us has led to a significant problem on UK roads – As drivers are accepting less responsibility for their actions behind a wheel, and simply following the instructions placed on Road signs.

Examples include drivers stopping suddenly at a Stop sign, forcing drivers behind to brake abruptly, or other drivers blindly driving forward at a green light, rather than waiting for any other traffic to continue passing before moving, often resulting in a collision.

This danger has many calling for compulsory refresher courses in driving, to keep drivers on their toes all the time.

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Safe driving from Britannia!