March 13, 2015

Independent Driving

The Driving Standards Agency introduced a new section to the driving test back in 2010 – That of the Independent Driving.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that you get to go for a drive without your examiner in the car. Rather, you will be required to drive for a period of approximately ten minutes without following step-by-step instructions from your examiner. Typically, the examiner will ask you to follow a set of directions such as “Follow the signs for …” and you will be expected to follow this direction without being reminded by your examiner.

However this is not as scary as it sounds. Often in nervous conditions, you may forget details, so you are allowed to ask your examiner for a reminder of the route to follow. Also, if you do happen to take a wrong turn, this will not necessarily result in a fail – If the manoeuvre is undertaken in a safe and responsible manner, you should not be penalised.

Safe driving from Britannia!