December 9, 2011


As a full licence holder I am sure you think you are a safe, competent driver who does not require any further training and I am sure this is true for many of you however, there are many of us that could benefit from ongoing training.

Pass Plus for newly qualified drivers is heavily promoted and seen as a valuable course after taking the test however, refresher lessons for those that have held there licence for a number of years can be a little embarrassing and not something we will easily admit we could benefit from.

Refresher courses benefit a large number of people including:

Those starting a new job which requires driving a company car

To combat common fears such as motorway driving or night time driving

To regain confidence after an accident or a long period of not driving

To adjust your driving skills from country driving to city driving or vice versa

For full licence holders that have lost their licence  and needs to re-sit their test

The length of the refresher course will vary depending on the individual and their reason for wanting to take the training. The courses offered at Britannia area designed to tailor the individual’s needs and the pupil is free to request areas they wish to work on. So why not contact us today on 0208 543 8050 and bring yourself up-to-date and iron out those bad habits.

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