May 3, 2013


A Scottish Premier League footballer player, Mihael Kovacevic, 25, learnt the hard way after a misunderstanding lead to a four month driving ban.

The player had been convicted of a driving offence in 2011 and along side community service, a fine and a driving ban, he was also ordered to sit his driving test again.

The player who went on to play in Croatia for a period, obtained a licence there and thought the licence would entitle him to drive in the UK and not mean he had to sit the test here again.

Unfortunately, the player didn’t realise that it did not qualify in the UK and as a result had been driving without a licence and without valid driving insurance. Although he had purchased driving insurance, because he did not have a valid UK licence, his insurance was void.

Sheriff Margaret Neilson told Kovacevic that his case was an unusual one but was still a serious charge. She said: “However, I accept that it was not a wilful flouting of the law.

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