May 6, 2013


A 13 year old boy from Swinton was struck by a police van in 2011 when a Greater Manchester Police Officer ran a red light.

PC Stuart Richmond, was responding to an emergency call at the time, the van did have its lights and siren on at the time and the officer had reduced his speed to 40mph however, the 13 year old, Lucas stepped out into the road and was hit by the van.

IPCC commissioner James Dipple-Johnstone wanted to remind officers that ‘powers and rights must be used with caution and great care.’

He went on to say that: “PC Richmond drive through a red traffic light without any caution and seemingly without any perception of the risk….as a result a young boy sustained life changing injuries.”

The officer has since admitted careless driving and has been fined £350 and given five points on his licence.

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