January 8, 2014

Assessing The Standard Of Experienced Drivers

Of course there is much focus on the standard of driving of novice and teenage drivers. However, is it more a question of learning by example? Learners must be at a certain standard to pass the driving test and indeed that standard is quite high with it becoming increasingly harder to pass first time round. The government are also considering proposals to change the programme of learning to driving by requiring learners to complete a year’s ‘learner stage’ involving a minimum of 100 hours of daytime driving and 20 hours of night-time driving.

But should the focus be on experienced drivers? Young drivers evidently learn by example and it has been suggested that bad habits can be picked up as a child by observing the way your parents drive. The prospect of bringing in medical assessments for elderly drivers has been considered but perhaps all experienced drivers should be subject to a full assessment including a review of their driving, a medical assessment and an eyesight test before their licence is renewed.

Do you agree that passing a driving test should entitle you to a licence until you are 70, or should all drivers be subject to frequent assessment? Let Britannia Driving School know your thoughts by clicking the comments link below:

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