January 8, 2011

Christmas Pudding Could Put You Over The Limit

Christmas puddings infused with alcohol may be of high enough volume to push motorists over the drink drive limit, the Telegraph has reported.

Analysis of Christmas puddings available from major UK supermarkets has  found them to bee laced with significant amounts of brandy, rum and cognac as well as sherry and cider.

One particular Christmas pudding from Marks & Spencer has an alcohol content of 21.5 per cent, comprising seven per cent brandy, four per cent ruby port, 3.5 per cent stout, four per cent cognac and 4.5 per cent brandy-soaked cherries.

This means that just one portion contains the same amount of alcohol as a single spirit measure served in pubs, capable of pushing the driver over the legal drink drive limit, even if they have been careful with their alcohol consumption.

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