January 7, 2011


When you are considering purchasing a car, you must remember to carry out certain checks and know what you’re really buying before committing.

When buying a used car you can often pick up a great bargain. However, it is advisable to purchase a used car from a car dealership as your consumer rights are not affected.

If you do buy from a private seller, it is important to check the cars history. Ask to see the car logbook, this should provide valuable information that will help you decide if the price is valued correctly.

If the owner can’t provide this there are some agencies that can provide information on the vehicle including who the registered owner is, if the car has insurance or finance problems attached to it and the mileage data, there is normally a small fee for this service.

It is also advisable to take the car to a local garage to have it checked over as once you have made the transaction if there are any mechanical faults the seller will usually not want to know.

If you decide on purchasing a new vehicle make sure you are clued up on prices and terminology. Salesmen like to use their own language and it’s important to know what you are agreeing to. The marked price is normally negotiable and you can normally get added extras thrown in for free.

Emily Smith of Britannia Driving School said: “Some car dealers are offering car sales with no VAT at present, so there are deals to be had. Yet often with deals such as these they will increase the price of the sale somewhere else. The key thing to remember is – do your research before you commit.”

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