January 10, 2011


You may think that suffering with epilepsy or seizures or having done so in the past restricts you from driving but under the ‘Medical Standards of Fitness to Drive’ regulations you may still be able to drive.

In broad terms those that want to obtain a licence to drive a car, motorcycle and moped, must meet all standard driving requirements, along with being completely free of any seizures for a minimum or one year. This can be with the aid of anti-epileptic medication or not.

To drive a large goods vehicle, minibus or bus you must again meet all the standard driving requirements but must also be free of seizures for a minimum of 10 years and not need the help of anti-epileptic medication.

The DVLA are the only ones in a position to decide whether somebody is fit to drive. It is however, your responsibility to inform the DVLA of any medical conditions both before applying for a licence or if your medical conditions change while in possession of a driving licence.

It can be very frustrating not being able to drive due to a medical condition however, they do try and compensate where possible by helping those that suffer with epilepsy with travel costs and discounted travel on most public transport.

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