September 21, 2008

Changes to ‘show me/tell me’ questions

July 1st 2008 saw a change to the vehicle safety questions of ‘show me/ tell me’ questions that were originally introduced in September 2003.

The new additions include questions that cover a wider range of vehicle topics. The questions that learner drivers have to compulsorily answer as part of the theory test have now changed in order to make new drivers safer on the road.

The questions encompass a combination of vehicle safety and maintenance ones.  The method is that questions would be asked by the examiner and then the pupil would respond by telling the examiner how to check or complete the proceed.

The new questions that have now been added include ones that cover the use of wipers, demisters, brake lights, fog lights, head restraints, ABS warning lights and the correct operation of relevant controls and switches.

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