September 19, 2008

12 year old driver crashes car

A 12 year old girl in Limerick was recently arrested with driving offences. The girl which cannot be named for legal reasons drove a vehicle around the streets of Limmerick around 4am in the morning and was arrested later when she crashed into the Garda car.

Garda is the Police force in Limmerick and after she was pursued by the patrol, she plummeted into the vehicle. In the pursuit, she also sped through two sets of traffic lights.

She appeared before the District court on five charges of dangerous driving, causing criminal damage, driving without insurance and a licence and then colliding with the garda car. She also appeared on two further public order charges dating back from July 17th.

She was remanded on bail until September 30th and must obey a curfew from 8am to 8pm. The Probation service will investigate the girl’s circumstances and will prepare a report for her next court appearance.

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