September 24, 2008

Driving with passengers

When driving it is more than likely that you will experience passengers in your car, as the driver you must ensure that seatbelts are provided for them and that they are worn. Although as the driver you are solely responsible for passengers and the wearing of their belt if they are 14 years and under, passengers over this age need to ensure that they wear their belts themselves.

If you enjoy driving and like to socialise with people, then maybe becoming a taxi driver or bus driver may be the way forward for you. To complete this you may require a PCV – Professional carrying Vehicle driver specification.
No matter whether you are driving a taxi, limousine, tour bus or bus, your passengers comfort is vital. Also, ensure that the vehicle you are driving is road safe and has all the appropriate accompanying road documents. Check that your tyres are inflated, engine oil is at an appropriate level, and lights, horn and wipers are all working.

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