September 18, 2012

Older Drivers are Still Ruling the Roads!

The older generation are showing their younger counterparts quite a thing about driving – and how to driver better! They seem to be much more focused than younger drivers. There are one million drivers who are 80 and over in the country. Does it actually make an underlying difference in the end? Well it seems so. They drive with utmost sincerity and safety guidelines in mind. They have an enormous amount of experience available. The official data released by DVLA has supported this abundantly. It shows that older drivers tend to be ‘safe drivers’. They are three times less susceptible to deaths and injuries caused in road accidents. You can’t ignore these kind of statistics. Facts are simply facts.

It seems that the driving habits are causing bigger problems here. The young drivers are continuously told that they drive too fast and without a sense of responsibility. Their approach to driving, as we are told by the media, is all about speed and who can drive faster. Of course, we all know the tragedies that this leads to. The old drivers are becoming better with passing age. They enjoy driving and take it as a means to freedom. The latest reports have challenged the common perception that old drivers lack focus and quick reaction time to drive safely on the roads. Their experience or company can prove to be a valuable asset to pass it onto the next generation. Let’s drive happily and enjoy the ride!

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