November 28, 2008

Britannia Driving School Advocates Zero Tolerance to Alcohol and Driving

The Department of Transport has published provisional statistics on accidents involving drinking and driving in Great Britain in 2007.

Provisional estimates show:

Fatalities resulting from drink drive accidents fell by 18% from 560 in 2006 to 460 in 2007, whilst seriously injured casualties fell by 11% from 1,970 to 1,760. Slight casualties, however, rose by 4% from 11,840 to 12,260. Total casualties rose by 1% from 14,370 to 14,480.

Fatal accidents fell by 16% from 490 to 410, although there was an overall increase of 2% in drink drive accidents from 9,400 to 9,620.

Cathy Keeler, Head of Campaigns at Brake, the road safety charity, said: “its good news that the number of deaths in drink-drive crashes where drivers were over the legal limit fell in 2007 compared to 2006, but the figures don’t tell the whole story. Even more deaths are associated with drivers who are not over the limit, but have a significant amount of alcohol in their system and academics have estimated that setting a lower limit could save dozens of lives each year.”

Britannia Driving School believes that the most successful campaign would be one that had a clear message that no amount of alcohol is acceptable. For such a campaign to work, the Government needs to reduce the drink drive limit to zero.

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