December 10, 2013

Boxing Day Driving

With the Christmas season firmly in place, it is not uncommon for people across the country to be embracing the festive period and revelling in much merriment with a few celebratory beverages. Britannia Driving School often stresses the obvious importance of never driving after drinking… but what about driving the next day?

A recent study has suggested that driving the day after a boozing session can be just as dangerous as driving when fully intoxicated. The study, conducted by the University of the West of England, shows that reaction speeds are dramatically slowed down, and lapses in concentration are much more common when suffering from the effects of a hangover.

The simulation presented its users with the real-life situation of driving to work the morning after a night out, and monitored many different factors with the driving. Many subjects of the test were shown to still be impaired by the after-effects of a night out drinking, and were considerably more dangerous behind the wheel than a driver who had not been drinking the night before… even though subjects claimed to feel fully fit to drive at the start of the test.

So if you are going to be drinking this Christmas Day, and intend to make the Boxing Day sales bright and early, feel free to enjoy yourself, but do try to avoid over-indulging if you will be driving the next day, or otherwise leave the car at home while you hit the shops.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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