November 29, 2013

Driving This Christmas

As Christmas approaches, driving safely becomes more important – people are rushing around trying to buy presents, it gets dark earlier, the number of drink-drivers rises and the weather doesn’t help conditions.

Here are Britannia’s top tips for driving this Christmas:

– Give plenty of time for your journey, there will be a lot of cars on the roads and journey times will be longer.
– Don’t drive whilst tired and take regular breaks.
– Do not drink and drive, if you are going to a Christmas party and plan to drink, leave your car at home and arrange another mode of transport.
– Check your brakes and tyres before a journey as well as your anti-freeze in case of frost.
– Carry a hot flask and a blanket in case of a breakdown.
– Check traffic and weather updates for road closures and extreme weather conditions.

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Safe driving from Britannia!

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