March 12, 2009

Learning to Drive is a Team Game

Ironically learning to drive takes place in isolation in large metal boxes, but learning to drive is really the ultimate team game.

By that we mean it is an activity whereby, to a large extent, we are dependent on the actions of everyone else on the road; not just our safety – that ought to go without saying – but also for simple efficient progress, without which it becomes a fairly meaningless pursuit. In other words we all have to look out for each other on the roads.

But this team awareness operates on a less obvious and more fundamental level than just trying not to hit the car in front.

Britannia Driving School’s website focuses on several wider aspects of motoring as a team game. To that end we feature articles on Advanced Driving Courses and Eco-Driving.

Britannia is always looking at new ways to teach students so as to illuminate or reduce the terrible effects of road accidents on a national scale…perhaps the biggest team game in the UK.

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