Are Automatic Cars Better For Nervous Drivers?

Taking lessons can be a very overwhelming experience for first time learners, it can be a daunting for more experienced learners too. The thought of having to control the pedals, gears and maneuvering a vehicle, especially in traffic can be anxiety inducing. Leading some learners to ponder if automatic cars could cater to their needs […]

Britain’s roads will have DRIVERLESS cars travelling on them by end of year!

Today Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is said to  announce that vehicles with new technology enabling them to stay in their lanes automatically will be legal within months. The bold move will help to prevent up to 47,000 serious accidents and save 3,900 lives over the next decade as it cuts out human error, said the […]

Talking cars!

CARS could soon “talk” to each other to warn of dangers such as ice and potholes. Sensors would scan for risks then use high-speed, low-delay 5G technology to share information across several  miles. Traffic accidents, which account for more than 1.3million deaths and 50million injuries worldwide every year, would plummet as a result, experts predict. […]

Gavin Busby – Carshalton, London (13th April 2019)

Pass first time thanks to Kieran, he’s a very calm instructor that instilled confidence in me lesson by lesson.

sarah oneill – Carshalton, Sutton (7th March 2019)

My instructor David was great!! He was patient, calm, reliable and very understanding when I got upset! I would recommend David to all learner drivers.

Automatic vs Manual Cars: Which is Better?

Before choosing your next car, check out the pros and cons of manual and automatic to make the best decision. A manual car has a gear system that you operate yourself by moving the gear stick and pressing down the clutch pedal. The majority of vehicles driven in the UK are manual. An automatic car changes […]

Self-driving cars as farms, hotels and clinics on wheels

Envisions for the future of self-driving cars as farms, hotels and clinics on wheels Here’s to the future… Safe driving, from Britannia!

Driver-less Cars | Key Questions

Will there still be crashes? Around 94% of US vehicular accidents involve human error and therefore are potentially avoidable. Driverless cars could make roads significantly safer. Will there be less congestion? Automated vehicles (AV’s) will enable a higher density of passengers per road mile thus making traffic move more efficiently. Will all cars be autonomous? Autonomous vehicles are […]

Are There Flaws In Self-Driving Cars?

You may think if your car was self-driven, it would be great! We’ve thought of some possible disadvantages to why it wouldn’t be such a good idea… Who is guilty? If the car crashes, no one will be guilty. Insurance companies will lose out big time as who should compensate? The price! Self-driving cars would […]

Driving Lessons After Self-Driving Cars

There has been a lot of talk of late in regards to the development of self-driving, as well as speculation as to whether autonomous vehicles will really help to reduce the rate of accidents on UK roads. One topic that leaves many scratching their heads is whether or not people will still be required to […]