October 2, 2018

Driver-less Cars | Key Questions

Will there still be crashes? Around 94% of US vehicular accidents involve human error and therefore are potentially avoidable. Driverless cars could make roads significantly safer.

Will there be less congestion? Automated vehicles (AV’s) will enable a higher density of passengers per road mile thus making traffic move more efficiently.

Will all cars be autonomous? Autonomous vehicles are expected to comprise 25% of the global market between 2035 and 2040.

Will I need a driving licence? The UK government makes a distinction between highly automated vehicles and fully automated vehicles. For AVs rules might change as they may appeal to drivers who can’t or don’t wish to drive regular cars.

Will I still need to buy insurance? Yes, though it might depend on the car’s manufacturer. Companies like Volvo have confirmed they will self-insure their automated cars.

Safe driving, from Britannia!