May 22, 2020

Talking cars!

CARS could soon “talk” to each other to warn of dangers such as ice and potholes.

Sensors would scan for risks then use high-speed, low-delay 5G technology to share information across several  miles.

Traffic accidents, which account for more than 1.3million deaths and 50million injuries worldwide every year, would plummet as a result, experts predict.

Dr Dimitrios Liarokapis, of Glasgow Caledonian University, said: “Think of having Tesla-like cars that not only use sensors to scan what’s around them but can also talk to each other.

“I’m sure anyone who has had a bad experience on frozen roads would have benefited from knowing about the dangerous conditions in advance. “They could have adjusted speed or even avoided that route.”

The university’s smart connectivity team has spent years studying how mobile networks can work with vehicles.

Dr Liarokapis said 5G car warning tech could be available within years, and make automated vehicles much safer than today’s manual ones.

He added: “Cars will transmit warning messages to other cars around them using short-range communication technologies, but also to cars further away using 5G, fast and reliably.

“Those cars will send the same information to cars near them and so on, forming a multi-vehicle communication chain stretching far and wide.”