July 30, 2009

1,500 breathalysed in drink-driving campaign

More than 1,500 motorists were stopped and breathalysed in Nottinghamshire as part of a month-long drink-driving crackdown.

Of the 1,507 checked, 139 people tested positive, or refused or failed to provide a sample to see if they were over the legal alcohol limit.

The scheme, part of the national summer campaign throughout June, saw drivers or bikers suspected of driving under the influence of drink or drugs stopped at the roadside, and extrad patrols on main roads.

Chief Insp Andy Charlton, head of Nottinghamshire Police’s roads policing unit, said: “It is still extremely disappointing to find people continue to drink alcohol and drive.

“Not only do they face a fine and the possibility of losing their licence, but it also significantly increases the chances of killing or seriously injuring someone – even themselves.”

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