July 28, 2009

Commons committee stokes up the pay-as-you-go motoring scheme again

Despite a move to introduce pay as you drive motoring being shot down in flames by UK motorists only 2 years ago it looks as though this particular policy may well be back on the agenda. Citing the fact that motorists no longer believe the government when it introduces tax rises for motorists in the name of “the green revolution” there is a push to put pay as you drive motoring back on the agenda.

While there is a valid reason for disputing the UK government’s handling of various tax increases in connection with motorists in the UK, there are grave concerns that by introducing pay-as-you-go motoring this will give the government an easy opportunity to increase the charges year-on-year. At least with the road tax you know exactly what you are paying for the next 12 months, even though the duty on petrol does fluctuate. Would you rather the government introduce an initial low pay-as-you-go mileage charge then increase this in the years to come, again in the name of “the green revolution”?

While there may be some new support for pay-as-you-go driving there is a danger that motorists will make it much easier for the government to increase charges in the future citing the fact that motorists are in control of the number of miles they travel each year.

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