August 3, 2009

Examiner Cancels Test Due to a Vehicle Being Too Dirty

A driving test candidate had his test cancelled after an examiner refused to sit in the car, saying it was too dirty.

Mr Hyde arrived at the Oxford Driving Test Centre in his father’s five year old Volkswagen Golf, but the examiner failed to even set foot in the car due to croissant crumbs on the seat.

Mr Hyde said: “I turned up and everything was normal. Then as soon as the examiner opened the passenger door, he said “I can’t take you out in this’

“I couldn’t believe it. He said he came to work in suit trousers and expected to sit on a tidy seat.

“It’s really annoying. He could have at least given us five minutes to clean it, but there was just no negotiation.

A Driving Standards Agency spokesman said: “If the candidate makes a complaint or asks for a refund, we’ll look into it when we receive it.”

Simon Bush of Britannia Driving School said: “First impressions in all walks of life are very important and especially when taking the driving test. Be well dressed and groomed. The appearance of you and your vehicle make a greater impression than anything you say, and are crucial. Remember: there is no second chance to make a first impression.” 

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