Client Reviews

I had a very positive experience, at the school the people on the phone were nice and helpful, ordering the Lessons was easy and came by post.
My Instructor was George, what a great guy He is, patient, strict, clear with explanations, and a laugh! I had a great time driving with George and He taught me well and passed my test with 2 minor faults! Cheers

Zsolt Lichtenberger - Morden , Surrey (24th March 2017)

I had been avoiding taking lessons for years due to a prior bad experience but I finally decided to do a one week intensive course to get it over and done with. I’ll start off by reviewing my instructor, Neil. I cannot say enough good things about Neil. He had a calm, relaxed demeanour, exactly what a reluctant student driver such as myself needed. He had a habit of talking during my lessons which was for my benefit as not only was I thoroughly entertained by his shenanigans, I also learned how to multitask whilst driving without even knowing it. He wasn’t a “clock-watcher” so we always ended lessons with me fairly confident on whatever we were working on that day (clutch control mainly as I was awful at that). Neil was always early for lessons too so I got a few extra mins of lessons here and there and he picked me up at a convenient location for me. I unfortunately failed my test the first time around so I had to rebook it; I opted for a four hour lesson the day before the retest for a brush up. What I like most about Neil is his honesty. He said I should have spoken to him first before rebooking a 4 hour lesson the day before the test cos I didn’t need 4 hours and shouldn’t have wasted my money. Not all instructors / companies will say that.  I rang up for the first time at the weekend to enquire about booking an intensive test and spoke to a gentleman who was really helpful (can’t remember his name). The ladies who work the core working hours during the week were always polite. I would recommend this company, particularly the instructor Neil, as my end goal was to pass my test which I did (just at a slower rate than I originally planned).

Zafirah Minhas - Wimbledon, London (22nd March 2017)

I passed my driving test first time round today at the Ashford test rented with Instructor Mary. Because for the Job, I booked my test on a limited time frame but Mary made sure I had sufficient time in the car with her so that I was prepared for my test. I’d like to Thank her for getting me to this point, I am SO happy to have completed my test successfully and be able to call my self a driver! -

Adelle Tracey- Twickenham, Middlesex (17th March 2017)

I just passed my test today first time with the help of my instructor, Mary. She’s been very helpful throughout and I’d like to thank her for teaching me this important life skill. She let me take the time I needed to learn each new skill and helped me apply it in a way I could feel confident at each stage. It’s been a really good experience on the whole. A big thank you

Constance Fisher - Twickenham , London (15th March 2017)

Darren is the best driving instructor I have ever had. I origonally got my license in America, so had some driving experience but when I moved back to the UK I was not allowed to transfer my licence and stopped driving for about 3 years.

The first time driving on UK roads was with Darren, and for me it was new ball game. Never had I ever driven on roads as narrow as they are in London. But through it all Darren had so much patiences and always made me feel confident in my abilities, and gave my the confidence I needed to pass my test.

I took my test yesterday and passed first time, and would highly recommend Darren to anyone looking for leasons!

Jordan Cowley - Hammersmith, London (15th March 2017)

passed today with britannia very good company
ellot is the best instructor makes up more chill on the road and not stressing on the day of the exam not only that but great experience would recommend this company to anyone

Alex Pereira - Mitcham, Surrey (14th March 2017)

I had John O.
Brilliant instructor, know’s exactly what he’s doing and would recommend 10/10. Teaches you learn at your rate and makes you feel at home behind the wheel.

Paul Evans - Sutton- Surrey (13th March 2017)

I definitely wasn’t one of those people who took to driving like a duck takes to water. Before I started driving with Charlie I had four previous instructors and felt that my driving wasn’t really going anywhere (not literally). The issue that I had with my previous instructors was a lack of patience and persistence to give me the confidence that I desperately needed in order to pass a driving test.

I found Charlie to be incredibly patient. He was the only instructor that I had who always arrived on time and didn’t mess me around with my lesson slots. I could be the worst driver in the world and Charlie would make me feel as if I was the best driver in the world. He was the only person who made me feel that I wasn’t going to be a learner forever.

I started driving with Charlie in October of last year (I took a short break between November and January), in total I had about 30 hours including the three hours I needed to allocate for the test.
I took my test yesterday in Tolworth and passed with only three minors! I was absolutely thrilled. If it wasn’t for Charlie I would probably never have passed this test.

Laura Bennett- Twickenham,London (10th March 2017)

Just passed my test with only one minor. I’ve been with another driving school before which I didn’t like. John O is the best driving instructor who took everything step by step in a simple process and ensure I was ready for the test. His methodology of teaching is very precise and accurate. He is a great asset to Britannia driving school. I would strongly urge those that read this to learn with John O.

Mouli Ragunathan - Sutton,Surrey (8th March 2017)

BIG BIG thank you to John O. for realising the impossible, thank you for your patience , just passed my test at Morden with 3 minors. :) ))) happy days

Annelise Pemers- Wimbledon, London (7th March 2017)

I have just passed my driving test with 2 minors, thanks to Elliot and his NLP technic!! I am so grateful I had such an amazing instructor who build my confidence which I will keep throughout my life. Thanks Britannia too!

Annette Anona Langa - Lambeth,London (7th March 2017)

John was my instructor, he gets straight to the point, will teach you everything you need to know, and if you take it all on you will pass, he is great man and a very good teacher, thanks for all the help and getting me the pass John top man .

Liam Curran - Richmond, Surrey (5th March 2017)

I had a really good experience using britannia. I had max as my driving instructor he made me feel very comfortable and confident would recommend him to others. His teaching technique was excellent and I passed with only 2 minor faults and I credit this to max. Thanks max

Alan Andrews - Croydon, Surrey (2nd March 2017)

I had a great experience with John. I really recommend him as a driving instructor to anyone willing to drive properly. He is a great professional as well a great man. Cheers!

Falkner Pereira -Sutton, Surrey (2nd March 2017)

I would highly recommend Elliot as a driving instructor as it was thanks to him that I passed first time! He’s very patient and his teaching techniques such as NLP are very effective. Thank you so much!

Stephanie Sequeira - Putney, London (1st March 2017)

I would defiantly recommend Nick! He is very calm in difficult situations, taught me everything I needed to know and more. He made the lessons enjoyable, and he was very flexible with times for lessons. Thank you for everything nick!

Michael Hyde - Mitcham, Surrey (1st March 2017)

Thanks so much John O for being such a great driver instructor! I have just passed first time with only 6 minors at Morden test centre and without Johns patience I know it couldn’t have happened. He made me feel confident in my driving and I could not recommend him enough, thanks again!

Kitty Toon - Raynes Park, London (1st March 2017)

John O’s lessons were very methodical, professional, thorough, he dealt with all aspects of driving and good banter on the lessons. Unfortunately the only bad thing about John is that he is a Chelsea supporter. Thank you for John getting through the test with just 3 minors at Morden test Centre!

Dominique Okyere - Wimbledon, London (27th February 2017)

I highly recommend John as an instructor. He patiently guided me through what was often, for me, a very frustrating and difficult process. I have managed, with his help, to go from a very nervous someone with no knowledge of cars to a much more confident, fully qualified driver, and that I owe to him. I recommend him with the highest of praise.

Chloe Windsor - Wallington,Surrey (23rd February 2017)

I can’t thank Britannia enough for getting me through my test. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor in John, who ensured that I arrived at my test prepared and confident. I will definitely recommend them to my friends.

Ethan Windsor - Wallington, Surrey (24th February 2017)