Client Reviews – Manual Driving Lessons

Good driving school but I personally had an exceptional driving instructor named George . Really helpful ,clear and kind driving instructor who helped me succeed .

Rahul Shah - Wimbledon, London (22nd July 2019)

Darren has been absolutely perfect. Patient, professional, always on time and really kind.
We took a lot of hours over one weekend and it couldn’t have gone better. Thank you Darren

Bianca THOYER ROZAT - Hammersmith and Fulham (16th July 2019)

Thank you very much Darren for being such a patient and understanding teacher! He was great at fitting lessons around my schedule. Darren is a wonderful instructor and knows how to explain things brilliantly, I would recommend him 100%!

Uru Jani - Hammersmith and Fulham (11th July 2019)

I had around 35 hours of lessons with Elliot through Britannia driving school and it was a great experience! He is an amazing teacher. I was able to pick up what to do very easily and I think because of working with him I am a safer, calmer driver. Thank you Elliot for helping me to pass my driving test ?

Melissa Sallabanks-Blissett- Wimbledon, London (11th July 2019)

Thank you so much Darren for being such a patient and excellent teacher! He was great at fitting lessons around my intense study schedule and is super reliable. I just passed my test and always enjoyed our lessons together – Darren is a very calming presence, especially if you have a tendency to get anxious like I do, and knows how to explain things brilliantly, I would 100% recommend him!

Monika R - Ealing, London (10th July 2019)

A big thank you to Jon Faulkner for getting me through my driving test and Pass Plus. During our lessons we covered a range of conditions and locations and not just the test routes which meant it won’t be a surprise later on when you’re by yourself. Jon has taught me not just to pass the test but how to be a good driver.

Jason Mumford - Brentford, Middlesex (6th July 2019)

Just wanted to say a big big thank you to Johnnie who do a brilliant job of getting me road ready for my driving test, which I passed 1st time. I was amazed at how quickly he had me out on the roads and was great at flagging up any mistakes I was making. Not to mention the patience he had when I struggled to reverse bay park. He’s calm under pressure and that is what you need when learning to drive. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Una O'Donovan, Southwark, London (3rd July 2019)

I just wanted to give feedback about Elliot with whom I did a refresher driving course. I had not driven for quite a number of years (apart from little drives when on holiday in France on empty roads) and felt that I needed to gain confidence in driving around London. Through his method of Neuro-Linguistic programming he was able to identify my bad habits and advised me the best way to correct them. He also gave me much needed confidence – so much so that I was able to hire a Zipcar and take it out on my own last week! This was a big breakthrough for me and I really couldn’t done it without his advice. I couldn’t recommend a driving instructor more highly enough.

Alexandra Troubridge - Morden, Surrey (1st July 2019)

Robert is one of the best driving instructor ever. I pass my driving test first time with him ?

Jennifer Johnson - Wandsworth, London (24th June 2019)

I have just passed my driving test first time in Morden with just one minor and my driving instructor was John O. Amazing instructor, made me feel and ease and ensured I knew where I was going wrong or right and ensured I focused on those areas. Would highly recommend John to any learner and if John is still around when my kids are old enough to drive I will ensure John is the first person I call.

Jose Oliveira - Morden, Surrey (24th June 2019)

I would never have passed my driving test in the first go had it not been for Elliot. I have some driving experience but had several bad habits which Elliot helped me correct through Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) methods. I highly recommend!

Kavya Jagan - Wimbledon, London (23rd June 2019)

I have just passed my driving test at the first attempt with only 5 minors.
My instructor was John O, who was my instructor from day one. He is highly scrupulous, has a great sense of humour, and relishes teaching every learner and thrives in tackling their challenges. I would recommend him to all my friends, as he makes learning to drive enjoyable, yet also productive, through his regimented approach.

Lukas Schlegel - Morden, Surrey (21st June 2019)

I have just past my driving test at Morden with 6 mistakes only.My driving instructor was John O.He told me how to drive safely in the UK . He was excellent instructor he explained everything perfect he’ is strict but he’s method works good.For me ,mum of two small children,was hard to find the time but he was so accommodating.Thank you for your help and patience.

Olga Kyryliuk - Wimbledon, London (20th June 2019)

I passed my test with only 2 minors thanks to Elliot. He was incredibly helpful, effective, informative and patient. Highly recommend.

Fatima M - Wandsworth, London (5th June 2019)

I passed my test first time with 2 minors thanks in large part to friendly and thorough guidance from your instructor Robert (Twickenham area).

He was absolutely brilliant and I would definitely recommend him to others!

Tom C - Twickenham, Middlesex (30th May 2019)

John has been an amazing instructor and has been extremely supportive and helpful in teaching me to drive. He always makes the lessons enjoyable with plenty of hilarious stories to tell of his many adventures, and also has been great in adapting to my communication, if you could even call it that! Thank you very much John 🙂

James Clark - Wimbledon, London (29th May 2019)

I recently passed my driving test with great help from my instructor Elliott. I had experience driving abroad, and Elliott perfectly assessed my needs after the first session, and designed the right training plan.

He clearly helped me beyond the test preparation as I have fixed a couple of bad driving habits I had.

Herold Takodjou - Merton, London (21st May 2019)

I passed my driving test first time at Morden with just three minors.
John O has been an amazing instructor, always punctual and efficient and willing to accommodate my schedule. He is faultlessly knowledgeable and always available to answer questions. I really enjoyed our lessons and felt a clear sense of progression, so that when the time came I felt prepared for the test.

Alex Levy - Morden, Surrey (21st May 2019)

Just passed my test at Morden with John O. An amazing instructor who will make a good driver out of you. He was more than an instructor to me, i call him a life coach.

Richard Boakye- Merton, London(16th May 2019)

Darren – What can I say, he was truly amazing!
I switched to Darren as my instructor as I had been told by two different people that he was the best. This was nothing short of the truth! He was always so calm and he understood exactly what I needed to work on. He is so accommodating and he reassured me when I was in doubt!
Thank you Daren for getting me there! The best driving instructor in London !!

Orla Lynch- Hammersmith, London (16th May 2019)