Client Reviews

I had George as my instructor and I couldn’t have asked for more. I’ve tried and used other instructors in the past and they didn’t compare! I thought I would never pass my test but going into it I couldn’t have felt more prepared and confident. The girls in the office were a great help too. Thank you so much!!!

patrick conway (3rd March 2022)

Elliot has been a fantastic instructor who has helped me pass first time! He is very knowledgeable and has a great way of teaching. Lovely man as well!

Young Winter (3rd March 2022)

I would highly recommend Britannia Driving school. I didn’t think I would be able to pass as I am a nervous person and I get stressed easily.However, Jon took all these stresses and worries away. Jon was extremely knowledgable about the test routes and gave me handy tips and tricks to make manoeuvres easier.I passed first time with 3 minors at the Tolworth centre.

Jon was always on time and very organised when it came to booking in lessons in advanced and creating lesson plan structures.

Thank you Jon and Britannia Driving School!

Ailsa Pack (28th February 2022)

I passed first time after having lessons with Elliot! We got a lot done under a very limited space of time and wouldn’t have been able to do it without Elliot’s help!


Alex Santos (21st February 2022)

Elliot is a brilliant instructor! He has a great way of explaining things and is very patient. I would recommend his lessons to anyone learning to drive!

Elizabeth Dinsdale (17th February 2022)

Leaving a review for George for a first time pass with 3 driving faults. Was very helpful, nice and wouldnt have done it without him

Tayfun Elmaci (16th February 2022)

I want to thank Peter P for helping me pass my driving test last week ( Mitcham test centre) with only 1 minor fault ! I had a 2 others instructors before and… Each lesson with him made me feel confident and boosted my confidence. Lessons in a great atmosphere and humor. Extremely composed, calm, extremely polite, full of tact, understanding, respect and professional with an unusual sense of humor. As a woman, I felt safe with him. He always made sure that I came home safely and only then did he drive away from my house. An unusual approach. One of the best instructors I know or heard. I recommend it with all my heart. Eva Rodrigues

Eva Rodrigues (10th February 2022)

I had the great pleasure of taking lessons with Peter P. I passed the first time and only had 2 small mistakes. Peter P as Instructor is incredibly calm. It’s hard to believe how his to be so calm. Always on time and without any problems. I know what I’m talking about because I had two instructors before him. Huge knowledge and the ability to pass on. He teaches not only to pass a driving test, but to be good drivers. If you are honest with him, you can count on his understanding. He understands women perfectly. His teaching techniques are very effective and stress-free. Alway can’t waiting for the lessons with him. I wholeheartedly recommend women. His car is always clean and even fragrant. He always takes care of himself (I know it’s important – I had a bad experience with the previous instructor). Listen to him, he always wants the best for you and does not only look to rip you wallet as much as possible, but to be prepared for the test. I never expecting have pleasure take lessons.

Katherine Davina’s (2nd February 2022)

I passed my test yesterday & I can not thank George my instructor enough for all he has done over these last few months in preparing me for it. I genuinely do not think I could have passed without him.

George makes you feel at ease and comfortable behind the wheel and is efficient, his teaching methods, patience and commitment are second to none. You can tell that this is more than just a job to George and is something he is passionate about!

I would highly recommended George & Britannia, & again thank you for everything!

Ayeesha Cahill (21st January 2022)

Peter P, is a an exceptional instructor. He makes every lessons stress free and relaxing.
I’ve had many instructors from different schools and he is by far the best. Also he was very understanding if things come up and accommodating with changing lessons.
Just a great guy in general.
I passed with only 2 minors and feel very confident to continue driving.
Thank you Peter P.

Amelia Cole (16th January 2022)

I had a great pleasure to have lessons with Peter P. Today I passed the first time with only 1 minor error. Peter P is not only a instructor, he has passions and he does everything to not only pass the exam, but also, as he says, “he always came home from a trip.” Extensive knowledge and teaching technique, especially with a very nervous student like me. I wish every instructor like Peter P.
Thank you.
Joanna Webber

Joanna Webber (12th January 2022)

Dear Britannia,

I want to shout out PeterP as an instructor. He’s been amazing in this whole training experience as an instructor.

He was very prompt and clear with booking lessons and extremely professionally in the process.

In terms of the actual lessons I simply could not have passed without the expertise and guidance of Peter.
He was very patient but definitive regarding feedback and how to improve.

His advice was invaluable do not lose this instructor he is an asset to your organisation.

Absolute legend

Maurice Ngwenya (11th January 2022)

I passed my test first time with Brittania and I can’t speak highly enough about them. George is a brilliant instructor and I wouldn’t have passed without his patience and guidance. George really knows what he’s doing. George will identify your strong and weak points and he’ll make sure you are test ready. He’s also a really nice guy and you’re guaranteed to have a laugh and really enjoyable lessons. I always looked forward to my lessons with George. I must thank and mention the ladies at Britannia as well as they were always helpful and courteous and always helped me immensely. I would highly recommend Brittania to any learner driver. I am a very happy and satisfied customer. Thank you again!!!

Steve McMahon (10th January 2022)

I passed my test today thanks to George. He has been extremely patient, understanding and accommodating. George is very thorough in his approach, he explains things clearly and methodically using visual aids as needed, makes room for lots of repetition and practice. I could not have wished for a better instructor.

Galina Borshevskaya (14th December 2021)

George was a brilliant instructor!

Instilling confidence every time we were in the car and it paid off in the end. (even if we had to wait through two lockdowns!)

Thank you! I’d recommend you to anyone.

James O'Connor (8th December 2021)

I have never driven a car in my life before. My instructor ELLIOT using NLP PROGRAM has taught me to be a confident and responsible driver.

I have passed my driving test for the first time and I am already looking for my own car.

I hope you reading this ELLIOT, thanks for all your support and patience!

I can only recommend him to EVERYONE!

Krisztian Lampert (4th December 2021)

Jon is an excellent driving instructor and one of the best teachers I’ve had. He has an excellent balance of patience and humour to put you at ease coupled with a straight-talking attitude so you know exactly what you need to do to improve.

What particularly impressed me about Jon was his dedication to the lessons he gave me; truly going above and beyond. Right now it is hard to get practical driving tests in West London so I had to book into the Ashford test centre which is quite far from the Isleworth test centre which I would have ideally booked. This meant some very early morning starts and late evenings with Jon in order to avoid commuter traffic and ensure I got the maximum possible experience driving in Ashford before my test. Jon went the extra miles, both figuratively and literally!

The results speak for themselves; I passed first time.

Michael Paynter (25th November 2021)

I last attempted to learn to drive more than 20 years ago and as such was nervous about re-starting. Jon was an excellent instructor and was able to structure the lessons in a way that really got my confidence back. He teaches you more than the skills required to pass the test, which makes for a more complete driver for when you get your license. I’d be very happy to recommend his services as well as the friendly Britannia team who sort out lesson bookings, payments, etc.

Kevin Marsh (17th November 2021)

Had 38 hours worth of lessons with Johnnie. Would highly recommend, very patient and helpful throughout my time with him. 10/10.

Kiet Nguyen (3rd November 2021)

Massive thanks to Jon for helping me pass my test in one take! He’s very patient and thorough with his teaching and he’s more than happy to redo a manoeuvre if you want to get more practise. I have enjoyed every lesson with him and I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor.

Ephel M - Kingston upon Thames (22nd October 2021)