March 27, 2013


What do you consider to be a young driver, 17, 18, 19 years old…well under proposed plans drivers aged 17-24 come under the young driver category.

Transport ministers and insurance bosses held talks this week looking at ways to improve safety but allow young drivers to stay on the road.

A fifth of road accidents resulting in death or serious injury involve drivers under 24. By introducing new ideas they hope to change this statistic.

New plans such as:

Curfews for drivers under 24

Allowing learners to take motorway lessons

Limiting the number of passengers young motorists can carry

Extending the ‘probationary period’ – currently you can only incur six points in the first two years, they could extend this to three years

Made to spend a year driving before being allowed to sit your test

With these changes in place, it is hoped that the number of accidents will be significantly reduced but also that insurance will come down for younger drivers.

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