March 28, 2013

Long Journeys

Jumping in the car and setting off for a long drive is, in theory, a wonderful idea.

That is until you get lost, run out of petrol, someone desperately needs a toilet break or the car decides to break down.

You can however, with a little bit of preparation make the journey a lot better. Grab yourself a satnav, these make life so much more easier. Have a check which service stations you will be passing as you’re on your journey. If your journey is going to be particularly long, have some drinks in the car with you so you can stay hydrated. And if you have young children cds of their favourite music or stories are perfect.

Be sure to check out traffic reports before you head off, no one wants to sit in traffic. You can also check if there are alternative routes to your journey.

These simple things make a big difference to your journey.

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